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The Merton Seasonal
“In the Hermitage with Griffin”, Spring 2024

Chautauqua Literary Review
“Speaking of That”, forthcoming Summer 2024

The Linden Review
“Like Water”, December 2023

Work has also appeared in these journals: Clackamas Literary Review, Colorado Review, Crab Orchard Review, Edge, Fifth Wednesday Journal, Hayden’s Ferry Review, Huffington Post, Junk, Midwest Prairie Review, Rain Taxi Review of Books, River Oak Review, St. Katherine Review, South Dakota Review, Spoon River Literary Review, Swink, and others.

Essays and Poetry

Under the Sun
“Walking West with a Mountain”, May, 2023, Pushcart Prize nomination

Blue Collar Review
“Peeling the Cranky Beet”, poem, 2022

Wren and Banda Aceh, 2022

Toasted Cheese
“Toasting Helen”, March 2022

Peoria Magazine
“The Landscape of Grief”, article, 2021

Chautauqua Journal
“Broken Hallelujah”, Editor’s Prize, Pushcart Prize nomination
“Hiking Over the Edge”, Best American Essay Notable, Pushcart Prize nomination
“Hiking with Kierkegaard”

River Teeth
“Labyrinth of Water”
Waiting for Owls

Hippocampus Magazine

“La Piñata” 2020

Under the Gum Tree
“Beneath White Pines” 2020
“Driving to Find Home”

Under the Sun
“Deeper Lake of Blue”, Pushcart Prize nomination

Lunch Ticket
“Dress the Mouse in Black”

Literal Latte
“Tinkering with Grief in the Woods”, Nonfiction Essay winner

Modern Loss
“Between Death and Goodbye” (organ donation)
“A Day for Lovers, Without Mine”
“Looking Up at El Capitan”

R.KV.R.Y Quarterly
“Wooden Gates”

“Hiking With Kierkegaard” (nature essay)
“Painting With the Dead”
“Anger, No. 15”

Rebelle Society
“Wake Up!” 2020
“Bang the Drum”
“Climbing Through the Crayon Box”
“Hard Romance of Grief”

Elephant Journal
“44 Metaphors For Grief”
“Grief Is Not the Wolf: The Language of Loss”

Huffington Post
“Heart Mountain Japanese-American Internment Camp”
“Holiday Black and Blues”
“5 Reasons Joe Biden’s Public Grief Was Important”
“8 Stupid Things Caring People Say”
“Grief’s Solace of Nature”
“Grieving Our Pets”
“Introverts and Grief”
“Laughter and Grief”
“Lost to Suicide: Robin Williams”

Mindful Matter
“Compassion is a River”
“Do Not Go Quietly”
“Listen to the Dawn” (nature meditation)
“Until the Land is Covered in Tranquility” (nuclear weapons protest)

“Grief Walkers”
“One Breath Out”
“Out of Death, Something” (organ donation)

Disquieting Muses Quarterly
“Blues, and Muscongus Bay”
“Snow at Mukojima”

Open to Hope
“Dark World Community”
“Deep Calls to Deep: Why Grievers Understand Each Other”
“The Fierce Tribe of After”
“Re-Imagining Grief

Burlesque Press
“Dear Famous Writer”
“Pianists Orfe and Molina Leave the Audience Exhausted”

Good Men Project
“Dating After Death”
“Hiking in Yosemite as Grief Therapy”
“Men and the Death of Their Fathers”
“Sex Is Not an Emotion: What Widowers Are Looking For”

“Eating Grief”

“The Great Black Hawk”

Literary Criticism
book review of Meghan O’Rourke’s Once, in Rain Taxi Review, Summer 2012
book review of Mark Kraushaar’s Uncertainty Principle, Rain Taxi Review, Spring 2012
book review of Kelsea Habecker’s Hollow Out, in the Colorado Review
book review of Kevin Stein’s Sufficiency of the Actual, in Hayden’s Ferry Review

Six-Legged Creature, chapbook, six poems, Grandview Hotel Poets, 2020
Ordinary Time, chapbook, six poems, Grandview Hotel Poets, 2016
Yosemite Meditations for Adventurers, photography by Michael Frye,
            Yosemite Conservancy, 2014
Directions Home, letterpress folio, four poems, Gold Quoin Press, 2014
Bluffs and Five Bridges, chapbook, three poems, Grandview Hotel Poets, 2011
“Funeral Liturgy for AIDS,” and “Funeral Procession Litany,” in Shaping Sanctuary,
            ed. by Kelly Turney, Reconciling Congregation Program, 2000.

Winter Walk, single poem letterpress book, Gold Quoin Press, forthcoming
Mountains of Light: Seasons of Reflection in Yosemite, University of Nebraska Press
Is There Fun After Paul? A Theology of Clowning, Resource Publications
And Everyone Shall Praise: Resources for Multicultural Worship, Pilgrim Press
Prepare the Way: Daily Meditations for Advent and Lent, Pilgrim Press


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